Terms and Conditions

1. Operating Hours

Our working hours are Monday-Saturday 9am 6pm. Sundays on request only.

We are closed Bank Holidays.


2. Areas covered

Gold Star Inventory is a London based Inventory Company and so we cover the London area only. We are based in West London but we have clerks all over London. All areas will be considered for work but we may charge an extra fee for areas Zone 5 and beyond.


2. Our Services

Please see our services page on the website explaining exactly what services we provide to our clients. Generally Inventories, check in and check outs.

Our report turnaround time is 48-72 hours. Our transcription department does not work on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Reports can be available sooner but this will carry an express fee of £10 extra.

The reports will be sent to our clients in PDF format. Hard copies of the reports are available if required.

Our clients have Ten days from receipt of the report to read and agree with our findings. After this time if we are not informed by email, phone or letter we deem the report as accepted by all parties.

No changes to the report can be made after this time. If changes are required, an addendum must be created and signed by the landlord and tenant.

This document will then be used along with the Inventory to complete the check in/out.


3. Bookings

Bookings are made via email, phone or our online booking page.

Booking confirmation is sent via email and includes a job reference number which is quoted on the report.


4. Key exchanges

Gold Star Inventory will collect and return keys to the Estate Agent or Landlord unless otherwise instructed. Most occasions we will hand keys over to tenants at the check-in. Keys will be signed for by the tenants or tenant’s representative.

Gold Star Inventory will not hold, copy or hand keys to anyone unauthorized without permission from the agent or landlord.

Other keys like internal keys will be left in the property at all times.

All keys will be photographed and documented in the reports.


5. Payments

In all cases an invoice/receipt will be provided.

We accept the following payments:

PayPal (info@goldstarinventory.co.uk)

Cheque (made payable to “Gold Star Inventory”)

Debit or Credit card – (Handling fee charged)

Cash on the day of the inspection (Receipts provided on company headed paper)

Bank Transfer (Details will be on every invoice)

Payments must be made within 30 days of the inspection for our account clients and 7 days for all other clients.

The reports will be sent only once the funds have cleared in our account. If we have to pursue clients for funds and involve legal advice, there may be a charge.


6. Refunds  

All refunds will be made within 48 hours of cancellation. Monies will be paid by cheque or bank transfer.


7. Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.


8. Cancelations

We understand deals fall through and plans get changed but we need as much notice as possible. This will help us manage our business well and provide a high level of service.

When an inspection has been confirmed and booked in our clients may cancel the booking free of charge up to 24 hours before the inspection date and time.

Cancellations with less than 12 hours – 24 hours will carry a 25% charge of the booking.

Cancellations at the appointment or for reasons below will carry a 50% charge of the booking.

No access due to tenants/landlords not attending once agreed

Property not ready for inspection because of decorating, cleaning or tenant not vacated

Property unsafe for us to enter, (i.e. no gas safety record for the property)

Keys not working, and no access

Double booked with another company


9. Extra Costs

There may be an extra charge if any of the following apply. Please ask for details.

Extra rooms

For example; a one bed flat should have 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen 1 reception and 1 garden. Extra store rooms like a second bathroom or a second reception, utility or basement/ cellar may be an extra charge.

Over furnished or heavily stocked properties
We base our prices on the basic furniture and items needed for a tenancy. Beds, Wardrobes, Drawers, Sofas, Dining Tables & Chairs are all expected.
But where there are cupboards full of items such as heavily stocked kitchens or numerous items of bed linen, there may be a charge.


We generally cover Zones 1-4 in London.
We may be able to cover areas outside of London but charges may apply. We have our regular clients in the same areas and to pull us away from the circuit means we could potentially not be able to cover our regular work.

Sundays/Bank Holidays
We are available to cover these days and hours but there is a small charge added.

We can start at the earliest 8am, and the latest start 6pm, but there may be a charge for this service.

Court fees
We aim to provide the best service possible to our clients.
We stand by the accuracy of our reports and when and if required we can attend the Court as a witness to our findings. There is a charge for our time.

Non Gold Star Inventory documents for check ins/outs
We can do check ins/outs using another companies supporting documents. Our report will follow this report and any additional comments made.
The reports need to be read as one for the inspections to be accurate.
If we are required to transfer the supporting document to our report in our format, there is a charge as our typist will take longer transcribing the report.


10. Complaints and disputes.

All complaints are to be made in writing and addressed to the Inventory Manager at email address: info@goldstarinventory.co.uk

Complaints and disputes will be dealt with within 7-10 days from the date of the complaint or dispute. After an investigation decisions made by the inventory Manager are final.

The reports are only amended when all parties agree otherwise addendums must be created by the tenant or landlord and signed. This will be added to the report.

Reports will only be amended if Gold Star Inventory has made an error. Items moved in or removed, decorating and cleaning issues will not be changed on the report as the report will be correct at time of inspection.

Reports can only be amended within 10days from the date the report was received. After this time no changes are permitted to the report. An addendum must be drawn up, signed and agreed by all parties.

Gold Star Inventory does not have financial ties with the landlords or agents and our clerks are impartial and unbiased. Our reports should be read, agreed and signed by all parties.

In the absence of a tenant or landlord at the inspections the agent will be responsible for signatures.


11. Health and Safety

We will not enter a property or complete any works if the property is unsafe. This will include Gas smell, leaks, insufficient lighting or heavy mould etc. We will call the agent or landlord immediately if this scenario occurs.

Our staff will wear shoe covers when entering properties with carpets and all properties in poor weather. Our staff will not remove their shoes as we are not covered by insurance should we stand on a nail etc.

We will only work around cleaners and builders if it is safe to do so.


12. Liability for damages

Gold Star Inventory will assess the property and items for liability for damages. Our comments will be as follows:

  • FWT:      Fair wear and tear -        Conditions or damages caused by general usage.
  • TT:          Tenant liability -             Conditions or damages caused by the tenant.
  • LL:          Landlords attention -     Conditions or damages to be maintained by the landlord.


13. Supporting documents

When carrying out check in and check out reports, we must have a copy of the original Inventory to complete the inspection. All of our comments will be in addition to the original Inventory.

If no Inventory document has been provided, no liability for damages can be assed or commented on as there is no point of reference.

If the original report was completed by Gold Star Inventory then we are able to put the check in and check out comments on the checkout document free of charge. If we are required to do this using another companies report then a charge will be added to the invoice.


1, All quotes do not include Petrol/Diesel, Congestion Charge, Toll Charges and parking. We will advise the cost for these and add the fess to your invoice.

2, We operate a minimum of 2 hours on house removals. Monday – Saturday 9am- 5Pm

3, Single A-B jobs, I.E a washing machine taken from your property to the recycling centre is £25. When we have to park, or the distance is greater than 5 miles we will add fees on top to cover costs. Also if we travel in the Congsstion Zone we will add the charge to your bill.

4, We require payment in advance of all bookings.

5, We accept all major card payments and Paypal, but these carry handling fees, Bank transfers are free and the advised method. We prefer not tp do cash transactions. Cheques must clear in our bank before the work is carried out.


Please see our Disclaimer on all of our reports for operational terms and conditions.